The improvement in technology and strategies of cancer treatment causes a significant increase in the survival rates for many cancers. While in the last 50 years, surgery was the only option for treatment, cancer is now treated with radiation and chemotherapy with modern medicines increase the hope of survival in people suffering from cancer. The number of cancer treatment clinics and hospitals equipped with the most developed methods of chemotherapy and radiotherapy especially in Iran accelerate the treatment of cancer and almost all patients can start their treatment period as soon as the cancer is diagnosed by the doctor to prevent the development of cancer’s grade.
Cancer survival rates vary by the low-level stage at diagnosis, treatment with the most recent and developed technology and the improvement of moral, all cancer hospitals in Iran do their best to improve the survival rates of cancer by updating treatment methods, getting help from psychologist to and conducting targeted workshops and seminars in local language to create awareness about this disease, talk about preventive methods and ways to fight back.
Several types of cancer are associated with high survival rates, including breast, prostate, and colon cancer. By development in technologies, the survival rates of Brain and pancreatic cancers have been increased significantly in the last forty years.

The main Objectives to fight against cancer

• Early detection is the key to fight well with this disease.
• Counseling of the patient and the family plays an important role.
• Healthy food during cancer treatment and providing enough protein, vitamins, and minerals for the body.
• Conducting targeted workshops and seminars to create more awareness among the larger population and get future-ready.

Cancer Treatment

In the developed world cancers is not an untreatable disease like before. Many types of cancer treatments have been developed to increase the survival rate. The researches indicated that the survival rate of cancer has been increased dramatically over the past 40 years, in Iran.
Most people have a combination of treatments, such as surgery with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. To have a successful treatment for cancer, you have to learn a lot about it.


Surgery is the first procedure of cancer treatment in which a surgeon removes cancer cells from your body.

Radiation Therapy

Intensity modeled radiation therapy is a procedure used to treat certain forms of cancer, to kill cancer or control cancer growth. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy can be used to deliver a higher dose of radiation to the cancer cells while sparing the healthy tissue around the cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of drugs to kill cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is the use of chemical substances that work to kill fast-growing and reproducing cells, a characteristic common to cancer cells. Various effects of chemotherapy are covered: cancer cell death, tumor death, destruction of normal cells and tissue. Also described are related treatments, such as radiation, pills, capsules, liquids, intravenous injections, surgical procedures, catheterization, CSF injection, wafter placement, and schedule of treatments


Immunotherapy is another type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight against cancer.


Immuno-oncology is the study and development of certain treatments, called immunotherapies, for cancer. These treatments fight cancer by strengthening your immune system. What immuno-oncology is and how it works is shown.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that targets the changes in cancer cells that help them grow, divide, and spread.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy uses drugs to interfere with very specific molecules in cancer cells. This interference results in blocking the growth and spread of cancer. Targeted therapies often can attack cancer cells without doing much damage to normal cells. Targeted therapies tend to have different and less severe side effects than chemotherapy. Targeted therapy is often used in combination with chemotherapy to treat breast cancer.

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