Vitrectomy in Iran

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What Is a Vitrectomy?

It’s a type of eye operation. A doctor removes the vitreous, jelly-like fluid inside your eye, and replaces it with a saline solution to provide better access to the retina. This allows for a variety of repairs, including the removal of scar tissue, laser repair of retinal detachments, and treatment of macular holes.

Vitrectomy in Iran


Vitreous surgery is performed in the operating room and the substantial majority of cases are accomplished on an outpatient basis. Every vitreous surgical procedure involves entering the large space inside the eye (the vitreous cavity) and removing vitreous – hence the synonymous term “vitrectomy”. The volume previously occupied by the vitreous gel is replaced either with a saline solution, a gas bubble or a liquid material called silicone oil. Removal of vitreous is only the initial part of any such procedure however and permits the retinal surgeon to perform a variety of other surgical interventions.

Who is a good candidate ?

For you to see, light has to pass through your eye and reach your retina, the bundle of tissue at the back of your eye that senses light. It sends the information to your brain.
Various diseases can cause fluid in the vitreous to cloud, fill with blood or debris, harden, or scar keeps light from reaching your retina properly, and cause vision trouble. Removing and replacing the fluid may solve or improve the problem.
Sometimes the retina pulls away from the tissue around it. Your doctor could do a vitrectomy to make it easier to get to your retina and repair it.
It can also give your doctor access to your macula, which lies at the center of your retina and provides sharp central vision. A hole in it can result in blurry vision.
Some other problems vitrectomy can treat include damaged blood vessels in your retina, Infections inside your eye, serious eye injuries, Wrinkles in your retina macular pucker.

Before Vitrectomy Surgery

It’s likely the doctor will look again at your eye before surgery using special tools and light. They might want to do an ultrasound on your eye to look more closely at your retina.
Your general health such as your heartbeat and blood tests will be evaluated. You will be advised on what pre-operative preparations you need to make, such as altering medications.

Recovery Time

There is no need to stay at the hospital after vitrectomy surgery. Patients are discharged from hospitals usually 1 hour after it. After surgery, some activities like swimming have a flight, and driving is forbidden for about 12 weeks.
During surgery saline or silicone oil is injected into your eye, so you have to do another surgery some months later to remove them.
You will need 2 to 4 weeks to recover before you can do your normal activities again. It may take longer for your vision to get back to normal.
The doctor will give you antibiotic drops to help prevent an infection in your eye.
Head and eye positioning are very important after vitrectomy surgery so follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

Average Cost of a Vitrectomy surgery

In the United States, the estimated national average cost of a vitrectomy is $14000.The cost of vitrectomy surgery in Asian countries such as Singapore is less than $4000-$5000.
By traveling to Iran, patients can perform Vitrectomy surgery with the highest quality and decrease the cost of this treatment. Although all of the eye surgeries are managed to do in the most developed clinics and hospitals with the most expert specialists, the very low cost of this surgery in Iran compared to the other countries is the most important factor for attracting foreign patients.
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