Cochlear Implant (CI) surgery in Iran

Cochlear Implant (CI) surgery in Iran

Cochlear implant (CI) surgery is one of the services of iranMedtour, which is provided by the best surgeons, along with accommodation, translator, companion nurse, and city tour at an affordable price in Iran.

What is Cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted neuroprosthetic device that provides a sense of sound to a person with moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants bypass the normal acoustic hearing process, instead of replacing it with electric hearing. Namely, the sound sensation comes from the sound that is converted to electric signals which directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The brain adapts to the new mode of hearing and eventually can interpret the electric signals as sound and speech. Unlike hearing aids that amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses damaged portions of the ear to deliver sound signals to the hearing nerve.

Cochlear Implant Surgery

This video explains Cochlear Implants. Why a patient might need them and how the implants work!

Beyond a Hearing Aid

Imagine what life would be like if you lost your hearing. No music, no sounds of nature, no listening to the voices of your loved ones. But some people with profound hearing loss do have options. Cochlear implants, in the right patients, offer the chance to hear again.

Who is the candidate for dong Cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that partially restores hearing. It can be an option for people who have severe hearing loss from inner-ear damage and who receive limited benefits from hearing aids.

Why Cochlear implant surgery is done?

Cochlear implants can make your communication easier and improve the quality of life for people with severe hearing loss who receive little benefit from hearing aids. Increasingly, cochlear implants in both ears are accepted as standard care for the treatment of severe hearing loss particularly for infants and children who are learning to speak and to process language. Adults and children who lost hearing after learning to speak can also benefit from cochlear implants.

What can you expect before CI surgery?

Primary care that doctors perform for these patients includes ear, nose, and throat tests to approve that the cochlear implants are right for the patients. These tests include an examination of the external, middle, and inner ear for signs of infection or abnormality, various tests of hearing, such as an audiogram or evaluation of hearing aids, exams to evaluate middle and inner ear structures by CT scan.
Cochlear implantation is done under general anesthesia, which means patients will be asleep during the procedure. So, the doctor will ask you to temporarily stop taking certain medications or supplements. Your doctor will give you specific instructions to help you be prepared for Cochlear implant surgery.

What can you expect after?

After Cochlear implant surgery, the patient might experience but most people feel well enough to return home the day of surgery or the day afterward. You will need to return to the doctor in about a week to have stitches removed.

The cochlear implants won’t be activated until two to six weeks after surgery because the surgery site must be healed before cochlear implants activation. The brain needs time to recognize what these sounds mean.

How expensive are cochlear implants in Iran and other countries?

The ultimate price of a cochlear implant surgery includes the quality of the implanted devices, the experience of the surgeon, the number of days that the patient stays and is monitored in the hospital, and finally the cost of tests that are conducted before the surgery.
Cochlear implants are more expensive than hearing aids. The average cost of cochlear implants is about $30,000 in Europe and $50,000 in the USA. However, most insurance agencies cover this surgery. Asian countries like India, Turkey, and Iran have the technology of doing Cochlear implants. The cochlear implants cost in India may vary between $6000 and $10000. Cochlear implant surgery in Turkey costs from $18000 to $27000. Surprisingly, the cost of cochlear implants surgery in Iran is less than 5000$. Iran is the cheapest country in the world performing this surgery with the best quality.


Over the past several years, traveling patients from other countries to perform Cochlear implants in Iran has been increased significantly. Iran is the first country in Asia and one of the first countries in the world that uses the most advanced technologies in ear treatment surgeries. Currently, 11 medical centers in Iran offer cochlear implant surgeries.
Cochlear implants surgery in modern hospitals by highly experienced specialists in Iran, increase the statistics of performing this implant up to 1500 surgeries. The decline in the cost of cochlear implantation surgery in Iran concerning the high quality and success rate has the most significant effect on attracting foreign patients.
There are currently 11 medical centers in Iran that offer cochlear implantation surgeries using the state-of-the-art methods

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