Rhinoplasty in IRAN

Rhinoplasty in IRAN

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the services of Iranmedtour, which is offered by the best plastic surgeons and ENT specialists, with accommodation, translator, medical accompany, and city tour at an affordable price.

nose job in IRAN
Rhinoplasty Iranmedtour

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to perform, not only because your nose is so visible, but also because it’s such a central and identifying facial feature. Even the subtlest of changes can make a huge impact on your appearance, to the point that people can no longer recognize you. You want to change your nose for the better but still, look like you. That’s why you must select the right surgeon to perform your surgery.


Let’s learn how a Nose Surgery, Nose Job, or Rhinoplasty procedure is done!

Nose Plastic Surgery

Occasionally, other than appearance problems there may be internal problems, such as polyps, nasal septal deviation, and enlargement of the nasal aorta. In these cases, in addition to treating the problem, one can think of cosmetic surgery, but only with the approval of a specialist in otolaryngology. Up to this point, we have come up with several reasons to believe that you need to go to a specialist plastic surgeon to get a good result in cosmetic nose surgery. The following are the pros and cons that should be respected before and after nose surgery.

Types of open and closed Rhinoplastay :

You should know that Rhinoplasty is performed both open and closed. Rhinoplasty is a procedure in which we make a delicate incision between the nostrils, where the skin is easily lifted from the nose, but the closed procedure involves cutting through the nose. However, in both methods, the skin is separated from the nasal skeleton because it is necessary to access the nasal skeleton. Each of the open and closed nose procedures has advantages that we will be mentioned below.

Advantages of Open Rhinoplastay:

In open Rhinoplasty, the doctor has better vision and therefore he can make the necessary adjustments more easily. But this is not possible in closed surgery. In open surgery, the ability to perform surgery on difficult noses and inserting cartilage and bone grafts or dentures is easier.

Advantages of a closed Rhinoplastay:

    • It does not have a skin incision in the Colum Ella area.
    • • Shorter operation time.
    • •Less postoperative inflation

    Which kinds of noses are closed and open Rhinoplasty recommended?

    If the nasal defects are mild and limited to bone prominence (hunch) or cartilaginous prominence and the tip of the nose requires limited action, the closed technique is preferred, but in reconstructive surgeries that are most commonly performed secondarily, (for treating traumatic deformities such as nasal congestion) an open surgery is better. In broiler nose surgery, open surgery would be more appropriate since there is often a need for augmentation and reconstruction to form the weak cartilage.

Causes of Harelip and Ways to Treat Cleft Palate

  • Infantile cleft palate or harelip is a congenital defect and smoking during pregnancy is one of the most important causes of this defect.

Is nasal cosmetic surgery better with anesthesia or numbness?

Certainly, the physician’s opinion is the first thing to consider when examining a person’s condition, but overall anesthesia is better than topical anesthesia if all standards are met.

Before Getting a Nose Job:

Your physical condition must be ready for this surgery, so provide and maintain the following conditions:

  • Smoking is prohibited two weeks before surgery
  • Aspirin and similar drugs such as propane should not be taken at least two weeks before surgery because they increase the tendency to bleed.
  • Delay the nose job if you’ve caught a cold.
  • Take herbal or chemical medicine consulting your doctor.
  • Like many other surgeries, don’t eat 8 hours before surgery.

Post-Rhinoplasty Care:

During the first few days after surgery, any pressure on your nose should be avoided.

  • sleep face up.
  • Use an ice bag on the eyes after nose surgery for 24 hours after surgery to reduce swelling.
  • Up to 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, nasal discharge should not be removed with pressure.
  • to ease breathing You can wash your nose several times with salt serum solution for several weeks after surgery
  • Avoid Exposure to direct sunlight in the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid wearing glasses, especially heavy sunglasses for a few weeks after surgery
  • Avoid heavy exercise two to three weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid allergic foods that cause skin allergies or itching It is also not recommended to eat foods that require prolonged chewing until the first week after nose surgery.
  • Washing your face or taking a shower is permitted, but note that the nose dressing is not too soaked.

Rhinoplasty recovery diet:

  • Tough foods are forbidden but, drinking liquids (without straw) and tender meals like soups, mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables are recommended.
  • Avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits
  • Mango and pureed pineapple juice are recommended for the first day of nose surgery.
  • After the second day, the condition gradually please note that overeating and not eating well both are equally harmful.
  • Vitamin C and D and zinc minerals are important because vitamin C and zinc are very important in your healing process. Vitamin C and zinc are best combined with dietary sources of vitamin A, consumption of these vitamins will help you to boost the recovery process

The night before Rhinoplasty :

  • Wash your face with iodine soap for three minutes.
  • Do not use a conditioner or hair spray after shampooing.
  • Get enough rest
  • Do not drink fluids and food after 8 hours before surgery

The Results

You may be disappointed after the surgery at first! But with the swelling gone, your new nose will gradually appear! It will no longer be the focus of attention on your face because it will match the rest of your face. You will notice that when you talk to others, they do not stare at your nose because it no longer attracts attention. Your nose will fit your face the way you wanted it to!

If you want to have a unique nose and painless surgery, and you want to enjoy your journey, I suggest you visit Iranmedtour Rhinoplasty Package. 😊

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