Elbow Replacement

What is Elbow Replacement?

Elbow replacement surgery is a complicated procedure partly because the elbow has several moving parts that balance each other with great precision to control the movements of your forearm. In elbow replacement surgery, the damaged surfaces of the elbow are replaced with implants. One part fits into the humerus (upper arm) and the other part fits into the ulna (forearm). The two parts are then connected and held together by a locking pin. The resulting hinge allows the elbow to bend.

Primary elbow replacement

How many times a day do you reach out to grab something? Things like the steering wheel, a glass of water, or the handle of a grocery cart. The answer is lots. But for people who have damaged elbow joints from issues such as This video rheumatoid arthritis, simple tasks can be painful and difficult. explains how elbow replacements are a surgical option that can get rid of the pain and give back the ability to do many everyday tasks.

Why Elbow Replacement?

Surgeon recommends Elbow replacement surgery in the below conditions:
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Traumatic fractures
• Elbow damage is extensive
• The patient suffering from a huge pain

Preparation before Elbow Replacement

Your doctor will ask you about your medical history including allergies or any vitamins, supplements, or herbal products you use and may advise you to stop taking some of them before surgery. If you smoke, you should stop before your surgery.

How long is hospital stay after surgery?

The length of your hospital stay will depend on the type of procedure you have and how quickly you recover. However, the average hospital stay usually ranges from one to two days, and up to three days to ensure the success of the surgery and also performing physiotherapy.
After the operation, stitches and a bandage remained on your new elbow. The arm needs to be stable while it heals. Because elbow replacement surgery involves cutting skin, tendons, and bone, you may experience a huge pain for 1 to 2 weeks after you go home from the hospital.
It will take time to get used to your new elbow. For better recovery, you are not allowed to lift anything heavier than a cup of coffee for 6 weeks after surgery.

Recovery and Physical Therapy

During hospitalization, you’ll learn simple physiotherapy exercises and other types of physical therapy to help your arm get stronger and move better. In 3 to 6 months, the pain should go away, and you should have good movement in your elbow. You may need to continue physiotherapy exercises for as long as 12 weeks or more to help elbow get enough strength.

Typical costs of elbow replacement surgery

The typical price of elbow replacement surgery may vary depending on the cost of:
• hospitalization
• Surgeon fee
• The type of anesthetic
• The type of implant
• Drugs
• Physiotherapy
Without health insurance, an elbow replacement surgery typically costs a total of $20, in Europe and ranges from $35,000 to $40,000 in the U.S. An elbow replacement typically would be covered by health insurance which reduces the costs. The cost of Elbow Replacement surgery in India is about 7000$.

Why Iran

In addition to the lower cost of elbow replacement surgery in Iran, The quality of the implant, consumables, and prosthesis used in the surgery and the proficiency and high experience of specialists and surgeons are the most important factors that encourage foreign patients to travel to Iran for performing elbow replacement surgery.
It is estimated that patients can save up to 60 to 80 percent of the overall cost by choosing to get treatment in Iran regarding the lower cost of surgeon fees and providing food and accommodation.

The cost of Elbow Replacement Surgery in Iran

Iran is a well-known country recognized internationally for providing the best medical care at the lowest prices. Similarly, elbow replacement cost in Iran is much cheaper than any other Asian or European countries. Although Elbow replacement cost, varies from one hospital to the other such as Kian, Pars and Moheb Kowsar, however the overall treatment cost in the most expensive hospital in Iran is less than 3000$.


Elbow Replacement

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