Salamat e Gharb Hospital

About Salamat-e Gharb Hospital

The Salamat-e Gharb Doctors Group was established in cooperation with the co-founders and other technical specialists in 2006.

The developing center has started its activities to serve the honorable people of west Tehran and is welcomed by the clients and the cooperation of well-known specialists.

Since the eyes and sight are the most important part of the relationship with the world around us, and on the other hand, the advancement of technology and its effect on ophthalmology have had positive significant impacts, the center has also tried to use the development and technology of daycare and has equipped its units with modern devices and facilities.

Determination of visual field, Determination of anterior length, Posterior eyes, Examination of the retina & blood vessels
Hospital Info
Name: Salamat-e GharbLocation: Tehran, IranYear Established: 2006Managing Director (or CEO): Dr. Fereydoun Yazdanparast