Noor-e Didegaan Super-specialty Eye Clinic

About Noor-e Didegaan Super-specialty Eye Clinic

Noor-e Didegaan Super-specialty Eye Clinic (Karaj) has been established and operated by several ophthalmologists from 2002 as a private limited company called Noor-e Didegaan Super-specialty Eye Clinic and is currently run by 46 ophthalmology specialist and super-specialists as shareholder and non-shareholder and anesthesiologists as the largest and most equipped ophthalmologist in Alborz province and the most equipped centers in Iran and the Middle East.

Ophthalmology Departments of NDSEC (Karaj)

Providing appropriate physical space, the center has been working to address the patient’s eye care needs as follows:

  • A complete ward for specialized and super-specialized eye examinations
  • Optometry
  • A complete and advanced ward for diagnostic, specialized and eye procedures
  • Manufacturing and selling unit for sunglasses and medical glasses
  • Sales and training unit for soft and hard contact lenses
  • Full and advanced color and the laser eye imaging
  • A complete and advanced laser eye treatment ward
  • Complete and advanced LASIK, LASAK and PRK ward
  • Preoperative counseling and ECG ward
  • Complete and advanced surgical ward, consisting of 4 fully operational and recovery rooms
  • Admission and healthcare ward comprising of 5 admission rooms and 2 treatment rooms
Clinic Info
Clinic Name: Noor-e Didegaan Super-specialty Eye ClinicLocation: Alborz (Karaj), IranYear Established: 1381