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Dear students

You receive this message from the cradle of ancient science and technology, the land of Bu Ali Sina and Dhikra Razi. As you know, the land of Iran has long been and continues to be a world leader in various sciences and techniques, especially medical sciences. As it welcomes many patients from around the world every year, they seek the healing of their sufferings in the hands of the healing and healing of Iranian physicians. Unique and quality universities, well-qualified scientists and physicians, well-equipped hospitals and professional medical staff have greatly welcomed the medical services of Iran. Therefore, you are also invited to take part in a long-term or short-term course in medical sciences at the Islamic Azad University, to gain experience and knowledge of these professors, as well as the scientific and productive environment

of the university and affiliated hospitals. Your country is in pain with your countrymen.

‘Salamat Andishan Rahe Abrisham” Company with the permission of Islamic Azad University is ready to accept students from all countries and hold long and short term courses in all fields of medical sciences. Contact us at the following number or for further information.

Phone 00989394923730


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The Silk Road Healthcare Company started its official activity in 2014 with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Tourism Organization of Iran in the field of Medical Tourism.
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