Muslim women

Iran is an Ideal medical tourism destination
For Muslim women

In Iran, Muslim women have a lot of advantages and welfare because obeying from all Islamic principles related to women is mandatory. So, Most of the facilities and entertainments in Iran have been prepared according to the special conditions of Muslim women include:

Social conditions

Observance of the veil: All kind of Islamic clothing such as chador, veiling, scarf and etc. is completely acceptable and respected in Iran society.
Men and women separation in public vehicles: Women have a private place simply for themselves in the subways, buses and etc. in which entrance of men is forbidden.

Especial restaurants for women

In these restaurants of Iran, all personnel including the chief, waitress, cashier, etc. are women and no men have permission to work there.

Especial parks for women

In all big cities of Iran, at least one park prepared for women to enjoy the environment and facilities without being worried about any men’s presence at any time which makes Iran an attractive place for Muslim women from all over the world.

Especial taxi for women

All over our country, women drivers are ready to transfer passengers. Some applications are also available enabling women to choose their driver and specifying origin and destination even in the vacations.

Different pools with special time for women

All pools working in Iran are forced to allocate a special time for men and women separately. So, Muslim women can enjoy their time in the pools without the presence of any men. It is also notable that in most big cities in Iran, some special pools provide services only for women 24/7. In those complex, the employment of any men is totally illegal.

Special Offer Of Medical Tourism Tour For Muslim Women


Satisfaction and welfare of Muslim women traveling to Iran from Islamic countries located around the Persian Gulf or any other countries such as Marrakesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. with special considerations for medical tourism, is of great importance for IranMedTour Company. To meet all requirements of Muslim women, we plan a special offer with appropriate facilities and arrangements. Our Private services for Muslim Women are absolutely flexible providing different packages during accommodation and treatment in Iran which can be rearranged according to their request. We have so many options:

Private woman driver

All transfers in our special offer appropriate for Muslim women are arranged by women drivers including airport transfer, transfer from the hotel to the medical center, laboratories, doctor’s office or recreation centers. We are ready to manage all transportation with women drivers 24/7 on Muslim women’s requests.

Women leader or private companion:

IranMedTour Company can arrange woman leaders, translators or even a supportive companion especially for Muslim women traveling alone to guide them during all steps of medical-tourism plans.

Different pools with special time for women

3- Female specialists:
Fortunately, the knowledge and experience of our female specialists have been increased in all expertise and specialties. In the most reliable hospitals in Iran, our female specialists are visiting patients with many complicated diseases. Most of our female surgeons have been graduated from famous and reliable universities in the world and are so professional and expert in the surgery. So, IranMedTour Co. can arrange all steps of treatment with female specialists for Muslim women with any kind of disease.
4.Booking a private room for women in hospitals:
If Muslim women have to stay at hospitals, we can book private rooms in the female section of the hospital as long as needed. During hospitalization, all personnel visiting the patients such as nurses, technicians, and doctors are women. We also arrange all treatment requirements including CT scan, Lab. Tests, etc. to be conducted by female specialists or nurses.

Sonography performed by female technician:

Currently, most hospitals in Iran provide a lot of services including performing sonography, Echocardiography, Exercise treadmill test (ETT), etc. especially for women considering all Islamic rules in which all steps are conducted by female doctors or technician.

Booking hotels with special facilities for Muslim women:

All hotels in Iran are meant to provide appropriate facilities like massage or pools especially for women at least for some hours in a day. In this time, a private place is allocated just to the women to enjoy it without being worried about the illegal entrance of any men.

Aquatic therapy with female physiotherapist:

If Muslim women have to perform Aquatic therapy during their treatment, IranMedTour Co. can arrange private pools for women with a female physiotherapist to help women perform their exercise in the pool.
As we mentioned above, all medical care and treatment is arranged by female specialists


The Silk Road Healthcare Company started its official activity in 2014 with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Tourism Organization of Iran in the field of Medical Tourism.
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