How do I plan my medical trip to Iran?

2019-10-16 0

How do I plan my medical trip to Iran?

Due to all the benefits of Iranian medicine, many people travel to Iran for cosmetic or medical surgery. As a medical traveler, You may need a long trip if you set up your itinerary in person. While you can provide medical travel arrangements from your own country with the help of a medical tourism facilitator (IranMedTour).
By sending your medical information and medical records, the company’s experts will provide this information to experienced physicians confidentially and will provide you with the necessary advice.
The company determines the initial cost of your treatment and the length of your stay in Iran and will provide visa and booking arrangements for your flight and hotel if you secure your trip.
This way, in addition to saving you money, your length of stay in Iran will be greatly reduced, and then visiting Iran will be the experts of the company that will follow your treatment process.

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