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I am Kimia from Afghanistan, Herat. I have 20 years old. Some of my friends who benefited from the services of Iranmedtour company suggested this medical tourism company to me because I always complained about the appearance of my nose. I contacted Iranmedtour co. And they planned a trip to Mashhad and then to Tehran for me. They provided good and high-quality services during my trip and accommodation. Iranmedtour arranged a nose surgery in Tehran for me at a low price by an expert surgeon in one of the best hospitals in Tehran. Now, I am so satisfied with the form of my nose after surgery and I recommend Iranmedtour company to all patients who want to perform any kind of aesthetic surgery in Iran.

Ali & Sara

Sara and Ali got married 7 years ago. They have tried a lot of medicines and traditional methods and also met different specialists in their country. Unfortunately, they have not any children, yet!

Zakarya Mohammad

I am Zakarya Mohammad from Lebanon. I have 35 years old. Four years ago, I suddenly realized that I was suffering from kidney failure and dialysis helped me to live. In that condition, the cost of kidney transplant was too high in Lebanon and many European countries. Some of my Lebanon and Iranian friends introduce Iranmedtour co. To me and some specialists also advised me to get help from this medical tourism company. As soon as Iranmedtour Co. Arranged my kidney transplant surgery, I and my friend as a donor with my family traveled to Iran and one week later the surgery was performed in one of the best hospitals of Tehran. Finding dialysis drugs was in Iran was my big concern, but Iranmedtour co. Provide me all required medicine and drugs and also prepared all surgery conditions. After kidney transplant surgery, I was hospitalized for 21 days then returned to my country with good general health. I have a lot of fabulous memories from Iran and Iranmedtour Co. That I never forget them.

بدأت شركة إيران مدتور نشاطها الرسمي في مجال السياحة العلاجية في عام 2014 طبق موافقة وزارة الصحة والسياحة في إيران.
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